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Merry Christmas [Dec. 15th, 2006|02:03 pm]

I just can't seem to find the time to update here anymore, or keep my communities running. My lounge (living room for those of you in the US) has been turned into an office for my flatmate's IT company, so home is very full at the moment. But it's a promotion for him and it's only temporary, so I'll live with the lack of privacy for now.

I didn't get into the Lion King unfortunately. I ended up with food poisoning on the day of the dance callbacks. Let's just say that the dancing did not go so well while I tried to keep myself from being sick in front of the cameras. But the choreographer also said that there wasn't room in the show for white girls. Which is what I figured in the first place, but they said they weren't going to do that with the SA production. Oh well, that's the business. One of the girls from JC Superstar got cast as the understudy to the female lead, Nala, on BROADWAY! She was flown to New York immediately. And another girl got the role I was up for in the Paris production. So lots of South African's are very happy right now.

The next wekk I had a disappointing audition for Hairspray. I was too old I think. Everyone was 18 - 23 and at 28 I seemed a little out.  Oh well. 

On the upside I did a cabaret for a corporate function that paid very nicely and I've got a call back for Honey in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? that is touring South Africa from May to October next year. And there's still a 99% chance that Jesus Christ Superstar is going to tour to Athens March to May next year.

I've also been offered a drama teaching post  and further corporate theatre functions should both those possibilities fall through. So things are looking hopeful. 

My dad is still in the States for Christmas so I'm going home to be with my mom over the season. Just for a few days. I can't handle Port Elizabeth for longer than that. Not without transport. But I feel bad for my dad being stuck there without any family. That sucks. At least when he was in Iraq for Christmas the military went all out for them. And he had some friends there. But he should be back in June/July so we can do "Christmas in July".

Anyway. I just want to say Merry Christmas to all you lovely people out there. I hope you all get to make wonderful memories with your families and loved ones. And most importantly, remember whose birthday it is we're actually celebrating.  Drive safe if you're travelling and don't drive if you've been enjoying the champagne or egg nog too much.

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Through to final round yay! [Sep. 29th, 2006|11:16 am]
I'm through to the final round of auditions for The Lion King. But it's still going to be quite a wait coz they're only in November and they're in Johannesburg so I have to fly up there.

I've got callbacks for Shenzi the hyena and also as a dancer, which was a real shocker coz I'm one of only three girls who got through and I'm really not the world's best dancer. I only have 5 years of dance training and I was up against people who I consider WAY better than me. But they said their are major height restrictions on the dancers too so obviously I fit into that quite well.

The theatre that is being built is going to be one of the 10 biggest lyric theatres in the world and this production will be part of the 10 year anniversary of The Lion King, so it's big news. It's really getting exciting. 

I don't care if I'm a lead, a cheetah, an impala or a blade of grass in the background at this point. It will just be great to be part of this.
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Lion King call back [Sep. 24th, 2006|04:51 pm]
I had my callback for The Lion King today. It went incredibly well. First off they measured me coz of the height restrictions on the characters and instead of pegging me at 5'3" they put me as 5'5". I didn't bother to mention it couldn't be right coz the character they want me for needs to be 5'6". 

I really didn't think I stood a chance because of my height, but they really loved my singing audition so they asked me to read straight away and I was in there for about half and hour performing the same scene over and over in different accents and with more and more direction each time. I felt like I was in rehearsal eventually. And they all congratulated me at the end and told me what to work on a bit for the next callback on Tuesday.  

Dance auditions are also on Tuesday but I'm not worried about those coz I'm not going for chorus. If I'm going to do this show for 2 years I'm not turning 30 sitting inside a chorus puppet in China. Then I'd rather play a featured role in Athens for a few months in a show I know is good thanks.

But my word, Disney is hard work. I've never gotten so tired in an audition. Even the Cats dance audition. 

So please say a little prayer for Tuesday coz getting a role in something this big would be so amazing - even if I'd have to move to Joburg for a year.
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I am still alive [Aug. 23rd, 2006|11:54 pm]

Just to let everyone know that I am still alive. The show is over now and I just needed a week to recover from it. Having a bit of a rest physically and catching up with friends I haven't been able to see for 7 months. 

For those of you who pray please say a little one for this potential amazing break for me. Our production of Jesus Christ Superstar is set to tour to Athens/Greece next year around Easter time. It is all definite - theatre is booked, dates set etc - but we all know how "definite" things can sometimes just fall through due to unforeseen circumstances. I've never been out of South Africa so it would just be incredible to get to go overseas and get paid for it at the same time. And I've really loved doing this amazing show so I'd love for it to be my first big touring production.  So please send good thoughts and prayers for this.

Will try to get back into updating regularly. Hope all of you are well. I'll try to catch up on your news over the next few weeks. 

Love Candice

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JCS crit with a tiny mention of me. [Jul. 13th, 2006|03:36 pm]
World-class production

Superstar cast bring magic to musical theatre
July 3, 2006

Jesus Christ Superstar. Directed by Paul Warwick Griffin. Musical direction by Charl-Johan Lingenfelder. Choreography by Timothy le Roux. Design by Keith Anderson. Featuring Cito, Robert Finlayson, Anton Luitingh, Candida Mosoma, Rowan Cloete, Graham Bourne and full cast. At Theatre on the Bay until August 6.

One of the best moments in theatre must surely be when an opening scene takes you to yet another magical space.

But too often magical opening scenes are not enough to sustain a production. It could even mean a production's downfall if it is not able to live up to that magical opening. Jesus Christ Superstar is magical throughout - every note and every movement.

It links all the right elements of musical theatre beautifully, from its meticulously considered set design by Keith Anderson to the ravishing lighting design by Jannie Swanepoel.

What I particularly enjoy about Theatre on the Bay's productions is how a fairly small theatre is used maximally; they are able to stage one-person shows and make the stage space work wondrously. And then there's this production - traditionally associated with a big theatre experience.

This team turns that experience into an intimate relationship without losing an iota of the big experience. This is in itself already a magical moment.

Jesus Christ Superstar is as good as musical theatre can be, not just in South Africa but globally. Technical stuff aside, the production is perfectly cast and runs as slickly as any world-class musical should.

This production's casting is all about contrasts - of characters, and even of paradoxes within characters. (It has been said that JCS is one of the most difficult musicals to cast.)

Cito is an exquisite Jesus - striking and delicate in demeanour, and discerning and cultivated as a singer
Click here
. I have heard it said that when an actor performs this role he is never the same again. It is as if a celestial spirit lives within them. Cito is every inch mystical.

What a delight to see Robert Finlayson on a Cape Town stage again. In the role of Judas, he is another ideal casting - audacious and burly contrasted well with his softer, more tender side.

Anton Luitingh was born to be in musical theatre. Yet again, he does a superb job in the role of Pontius Pilate. Some of the ensemble performers should take a page out of this brilliant performer's book about diction and how to up their game to crystal clarity a la Luitingh.

As Mary Magdalene, Candida Mosoma is a revelation. She brings an originality and adds a spot of feminine glitter to an otherwise very male-dominated affair.

Rowan Cloete and Graham Bourne are other noteworthy performers. The ensemble of choral voices and dancers include the very agreeable Duane Alexander, Izak Davel and Candice von Listenborgh. As a full cast, this is definitely one of the best-looking ones that one is likely to see on a stage, by the way.

The most disappointing part of this magical evening was the
audience. They were so tentative (or should that be retentive?) in their appreciation of fine artistry. After-theatre speculation ranged from the intensity of the show to comments about Cape Town audiences "just being like that".

Whatever the reasons might be, Jesus Christ Superstar, in my humble opinion, richly deserves its standing ovations.

And, it wouldn't hurt if you applaud this team's efforts with some cheers throughout the show - they need it to be inspired to even greater heights, if this is even possible with this splendid production.

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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2006|11:26 pm]

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Back home [Jun. 13th, 2006|12:07 am]
Yay! I'm finally back in Cape Town after three and a half months of rehearsals and performing in Johannesburg. It's been so great but I am really happy to be back in familiar territory. I have a few days off now at least, to try to recoup. But we rehearse in the new venue on Sunday and possibly Monday and then open on Tuesday again.

We were sold out for most of the run, which was fab. Though being the show it is we got fan mail and hate mail. Everything from people recommitting themselves to Christ because of the show to threatening that God will smite us for this blasphemy. Luckily no protests, but there was a petition going around apparently. Laughably they only got about 500 signatures and more people than that see it in a day. 

Well I'm looking forward to getting settled again and I'll be sure to post lots of pics for anyone who is interested. 

Missed you all, good to be back.
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2006|10:43 pm]
I finally got a myspace account. Took me long enough. So if you're on myspace please be my friend there too. My user name is candice_vl
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2006|09:25 pm]
We had our costume call for the show yesterday. Lets just say I REALLY need to get a tan and get to the gym. Every single costume (besides my leper costume) shows off my stomach. And three are hot pants and bra tops. My whore outfit is gold hotpants, a gold bra, gold boots and a huge gold afro. I look like Beyonce in Goldmember. Ok - I look like a white girl dressed up Beyonce in Goldmember. But you get the drift.

I'll try to take some good photos when we have our photo call on the 25th. And then hopefully I'll get them up here soon after that.

The show is going really well and has come together so quickly. The whole cast is fabulous and everyone is so friendly and supportive. I couldn't be happier. Although I am incredibly tired and I think I will eventually get VERY sick of the show. But for now it's great.

Missing you all. Hope you're all happy and healthy. Sorry my news is so sparse.

Love Candice
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2006|09:30 am]
Just to let you all know that I am having a fabulous time in Joburg. Rehearsals for the show are going incredibly well, although it is really hard work and my body is only starting to get used to the pain now. I have quite a few solo bits throughout the show, even when I'm just doing my ensemble role so I really am happy about it all. And I've met some really great people in the show and at the place I'm staying. Life couldn't be better.

On a huge celebratory note - South Africa wins the OSCAR!!!! Best foreign language film - wooo hoo! And the guy who won for best cinematography for Memoirs of a Geisha is also a South African so it's sort of a double win. We're all so excited here.

Hope everyone is well. Miss you all.
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